Monthly Archives: August 2006

Viva Las Vegas

Well one more day of work and then we are off! I am so excited! I will finally be able to play my favorite all slots atView full post »


SO.. turns out that Ikea isnt quite as great as they think. They sent me ALL the way home with 7/12 WRONG cabinets. YUPView full post »

Long Day

Well I have just arrived home. Apparently I am still just as frustrated as last night about this whole NO FLOORING issueView full post »

A turtle could work faster.

So TURTLE MIKE.. STILL doesnt have the flooring in. I am going to call him in the morning and tell him that it NEEDS toView full post »

Does anyone else have a stove and a fridge in their living room?

Yep that’s me! Contractor Mike came. And he gabbed for an HOUR and a HALF so I missed my blood donar appointmentView full post »

My house is a MESS!

Well! I just realized JUST how BIG of a SLOB I have become in the past month. There are clothes, flyers, cups, bills &#View full post »

Golf + No Team = Disaster!

So on Thursday night Jodi and I went golfing without our team. They were busy out at One Island Lake on “vacationView full post »

Procrastination! FINALLY downloaded pics from the long weekend!

Here are the pics from our trip to Kinuso Falls on the long weekend. 100km on the quads.. Gordie rode in that backpackView full post »

Crazy Stella!

Well tonight as Abbie was outside for a poop and a play I couldnt help but notice that Stella (super crazy neighbor ladyView full post »

New Pics!

AHH.. some new pictures!! I am a big fan of this whole picture thing.. so much better than me and my big boring storiesView full post »

quiet evening at home

so these pics are rather old… from my trip down to ottawa with mom and dad and cleo last november (on the tripView full post »

New Job!

Well here I am.. just off for my lunch hour at the new job! Yay. Its so far been great. The atmosphere around here isView full post »