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wednesday night was poker night for randy and roxanne.. so i went out and watched the girls for the night – whichView full post »

sleepy mornin

Good Morning! It’s crazy – last week when I had to be at work by 7 am I could get up and outta bed and offView full post »

day to relax!

well.. it appears it has been a full week since i last posted. i apologize for my missing punctuation – the shiftView full post »

productive weekend

clean house! yes! for real.. its clean at last! well maybe not all of it.. but the kitchen/livingroom/hallway/laundryView full post »

been awhile

Good Morning! Almost afternoon I guess.. 11:30. Its thursday again and I just realized I havent posted since last fridayView full post »

how cute!’s a pic taken with my new lens! hope you like! have a good day!View full post »