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so i deleted the last post because i had accessed my blog on two different computers and the pictures werent coming up.View full post »

forever ago

Well its been a coons age since I posted. How long is a coons age? I have no idea.. but in this case its a week and aView full post »

spur of the moment!

Tonight I was driving along.. and all of a sudden I saw the above!WHOA.. pulled the truck over and took a couple shots.View full post »

more like this..

Midweek blah.. haha.. almost thursday and the days are lasting so much longer. Today I worked until after 7 and cameView full post »

something a little different

so a couple weeks ago abbie and i went for a walk and took some pics using the “lensbaby“. it was the firstView full post »


So I am hungry! Growling tummy.. grr Wow have I ever not posted anything lately. I keep thinking I am going to postView full post »