spur of the moment!

Tonight I was driving along.. and all of a sudden I saw the above!WHOA.. pulled the truck over and took a couple shots. I dont know what made me take the time to swap to the lensbaby but I did and I am pretty happy with the result – who would have thought the scumiest part of town could look that good! It was a very rushed photography moment between the lights changing and letting cars almost run me over and having a bum yelling at me from his home on the sidewalk just west of what was bum park. But fun all the same. I wish I had more time as I could have tried a couple more angles.

Brette and I went to that new Mediterranean Oasis restaurant.. holy garlic! My tummy is in “i am not sure if i liked supper” mode right now. It wasnt bad – but it wasnt exactly YAHOO excellent either.

Well – I am yawning now so that means bedtime.. Sleep tight!

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