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Absolute Photography: Time for a Tidy-up! – Grande Prairie Family Photographer

Well! I am somewhat hesitant to even SHOW this photo – but everyone seems to LOVE stuff from behind the scenes.. and for awhile this has been what is behind the scenes at Absolute. Ick. Do you ever suddenly just look around and realize that things are in shambles? Those of you who have worked with me in the past know that this is NOT how I like my workspace to feel. Somehow though, this small space has become the dumping ground for all sorts of paraphernalia lately. Not only that, this is also my “sewing room”.. so that scary pile under the window.. that’s the “mending” pile. Oh and throw in a couple of quilt fabrics and other projects for “when I have more time”.

On Friday afternoon I had finally had enough. This needed to change – promptly! So I set to work. First stop.. pinterest. My favorite place for inspiration! You can check out my “home office” pin board.

After a couple of late nights, plenty of frustration with myself for letting things get this far out of control and many hours sorting, filing, and cleaning in general, I am happy to say that this morning I was able to sit down and get to work in a much friendlier feeling space. Do you feel like you can be more productive in a clean, organized and tidy environment? I sure am.

I have a couple of finishing touches that I would like to make in the space – but as soon as I do that I will be sure to post some after pics!

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