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    Hi! I'm Allana, a wedding and portrait photographer serving the Grande Prairie area and beyond. Welcome to my blog!

    For the most part what you will find here are images of my fabulous clients and their recent sessions and weddings. You will also find this is the best place to keep up to date with "Absolute Photography" news and events. Every once in awhile I might sneak in a post about a recent travel experience or camping trip (with photos of course!).

    I'd love it if you could spend a few minute taking a look at my work! If you like what you see, I would love the opportunity to capture your special moments, so please get in touch by using the contact form above.

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Why the rush?

Have you ever noticed how everyone is always rushing around? I am the worst. I allow myself to sleep in everymorning so that I am always in this huge rush to get to work on time. How many people do you know that could tell you that it will be 8:01 when they get to work if they dont have their socks on by 7:47? Yep thats me. Usually the socks go on at 7:48.. and I run across the parking lot at work. Once in awhile someone mentions something like “good afternoon”.. but really.. what is one min? Its never more than 2. Its not like I take four 15 min smoke breaks throughout the day! Anyways.. for some reason I cannot seem to get myself to bump up that schedule 15 min so that I am always on time with 10 min to spare.. let alone slow down and drive the speed limit of a meager 50km/hr to work. Speaking of speeding.. it is way more fun to drive over the speed limit.. 100km/hr on the highway feels like I am crawling along like a turtle. I knew that would be a problem the day I test drove my truck. Even said to the ford sales guy in edmonton “this truck is going to get me in trouble”.. luckily i have been driving it for 9 months and so far nothing. Knock on wood. Today I got pulled over. Yep.. somewhere between Hythe and Beaverlodge Allana is cruising along (and by cruising along I mean I conciously set the cruise) at 130km/hr.. I set it at this cause it is better than the 145 I would probably be doing if I didnt set the cruise! I have determined that this speed gives me the adrenaline and feeling I require AND really isnt that much faster than the 120 many other people are driving at. Regardless apparently the RCMP doesnt agree. So he flashes his lights at me on the way by.. “Maybe that was a flash warning” I think.. NOPE.. he turned around. Great. So I safely pull over to the side of the road.. turn on my signal light and try and make my dog stop barking. Buddy cop takes his sweet time walking up to my door. Did I mention I was late for a tupperware party? lol. Abbie is still barking. “Do you have your license and insurance and registration?” “Yep” I say confidently. I hand him my license out of my purse and dig in the glovebox and pull out the registration and insurance.. Apparently not only was I speeding but my insurance card is not up to date.. mr.cop mentions something about me getting towed. (UHOH) – then he starts comparing my license and registration (thanks to kristy THIS is up to date) – or at least I think it is. Nope I guess its not either. I guess they dont like my lister hall address from 4 years ago! Funny. I am totally thinking this is not going to be a nice ticket. And then! Mr. Cop says “so can you tell me why you were going 130?” – I didnt really think he would like the story about the adrenaline and feeling OR the being late for the tupperware party so I mumble a “I dunno” with a nice big smile. Well my smile worked.. “ok well slow down, I know its easy to speed on these nice summer days” and he hands me back all my stuff. NO TICKET? Not even a warning? Nope.. YAHOO.. he made my day! But the adrenaline was long gone.. especially as I heed his advice and set the cruise at 105 – I just couldnt bring myself to go the limit! Did I learn my lesson? Probably not. I will go get my license and insurance fixed though. As I am driving along after that I think “well its been almost exactly a year since they pulled me over”.. yep last time was on the way to cancun last may… may 9 or 10 I believe – cant hardly get closer to a year than that!

May 8, 2006 - 7:46 pm

Anonymous - It sounds as though you are implying that it is my fault that the address is not up to date on your licence. For your info it has only been in the last year that they started issuing tickets for that. Which really pisses me off because the governemnt makes you pay to change it. If they are going to be rude and issue tickets, then why can’t the damn governemnt pick up the tab. Also next time just for ask the cop if his/her address is updated……because apparently they don’t believe in spending the money to update and they feel confident that they would get it ticket for it. Way to go on leading by example jack ass. I will ask Constable Dum Dum Davidson if his is up to date when he pulls me over for making his wife cry……hahahaha…… Anyways I know a place you can go to get the address thing fixed:)

May 8, 2006 - 7:47 pm

Kristy - Why did it say I am anonymous I put my damn name at the bottom:( I hate computers

May 11, 2006 - 9:19 am

Anonymous - I received three tickets on the same date March 13, 1992, 93, 94.
In 1995 on March 13 I took the bus !!! I guess that broke the cycle. Kirk in Deeeetroit

August 7, 2006 - 1:37 am

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Sweeten Up

Everyone adds sugar to their coffee, their cereal, etc – why not to the people in their life as well? Sweeten up – add a little charm.. a few compliments.. maybe hold a door. Today started like crap. I slept through my alarm, completely missed going to the gym and “prepping” for another frustrating day at work.. got to work JUST on time, only to encounter a scrap of paper on my desk from who knows where with just enough info for me to know that I actually needed to deal with it ASAP. Next thing I know S is rushing around mumbling about some order that needs entered because the truck is here to load it- which turns out to be the same order as the scrap of paper. But no time to celebrate the mystery of that being solved cause right away a new one appears, and to top it off three people (out of a total of 5 other coworkers) have basically bitten off my head all in the first 20 min of what was already a crazy day. People! Where is your sugar? Did everyone get up on the wrong side of the bed? Luckily there is always a forklift out back for me to ROAR around on and vent some frustration so that I dont accidently stoop as low as the other three and chew on one of them.

Later.. I was sitting here thinking about how nice it would be to get a “sugar” comment sometime when things are happening successfully and all is normal – no one seems to take the time THEN to say anything. And then I remembered that I would actually rather no comments at all as I really dont feel good after the negative ones and I never really know what to do or say when a positive one comes about. Just last night I was “window shopping” (you’ll have to ask me) and someone was doing the whole compliment sugar coating thing and it just made me friggin uncomfortable! Then over lunch I was clicking on random peoples blogs (still so new to this I gotta check out what people are writing about).. and I found one about this very same topic. Crazy! Click on that link to read it.. be sure to read the comments.

Well tonight is the first golf game..wish us luck! And by the way.. our team needs a fourth so any ladies out there interested – give me a shout!

May 4, 2006 - 1:40 pm

Jodi - Well sounds like your day started like mine.. My alarm never did go off and I wooke up at 8:30 (I didn’t quite make it there on time). What a frustrating way to start the day, all in an uproar! So tell us about your “window shopping” experience…
PS, your link doesn’t work!

May 4, 2006 - 1:42 pm

Jodi - HAHA, as I posted that I remembered a time long ago when you turned to some old man to ask if someone had pissed in his fruit loops (i think its supposed to be cornflakes) but none the less it was funny!!

August 12, 2006 - 1:52 am

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August 17, 2006 - 6:58 am

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DF syndrome today…

Well! Welcome to my all so new blog. I have not had a blog in the past so this is VERY new thing for me. It may even take me awhile to get in the habit of coming on here and “blogging”. But as we all know Allana lives a rather boring life so this shouldnt be tough to keep up to date. Might even be fun. Everyone else seems to have all sorts of neat things to say – maybe I will inspire someone else to start a blog! lol.

DF syndrome – better known as me sitting at work and not actually accomplishing anything all afternoon.. with the exception of creating a blog. Yesterday was quite productive though so hopefully noone notices my low productivity.

So now for something about me… hmm.. officially changed my first tire on saturday. Yup.. driving back to GP from Dawson and right at the border I feel this whole “bump ba bump ba bump” thing going on.. so I pull over and walk towards the big HISSSSS noise only to find a completely FLAT tire.. not just a little flat but we are seriously talking about a flat and sitting on the rim sorta problem. Being a girl I immediately open up the glove box and dig out the owners manual. During this time Abbie (my dog) escapes the truck and scares the heck outta me cause my first thought is that she is gonna be a pancake as she is probably the dumbest animal I have ever met and would have to go see what those things ZOOMING by at 120km/hr are. I think there are donkey’s that listen better. When I say something to her she crooks her head to the side and gives me a “i’m really really cute but I dont get it” kinda look. But back to the tire problem… here I am crouched down in my flip flops at the back of the truck successfully cranking the spare down to the ground and getting ready to jack up the truck.. and to my relief a super nice guy and his wife and their really cute kid pull over (about the time I was thinking “hello people! I am a GIRL!” cause only about 50 vehicles had driven by without a thought.. does ANYONE have a good bone in their body anymore?) and the dad takes over and does all the brunt tire changing work for me. THANKS buddy! Definately appreciated. I am sure I would have gotten frustrated somewhere along the way so he totally helped. His kid was cute too.. I shoulda got their number – looked about Alexandra’s age! Haha. He kept running through the swampy ditch.. I thought for sure he would fall in and get soaked.

Then came the fun of having to get a new tire. That took a few phone calls and the shock of a new one costing almost $500 big ones! YIKES.. luckily two tire shops and 10 or so phonecalls later I found someone that didnt LIKE their tires so I got one of their take offs for a much more affordable $150.

Oh and for the second time in my life I am taking up a sport. The last time I even considered that was in gr 5 when I curled! haha! This time I have picked golf. Yes.. me golfing.. teammates be warned – i do throw clubs when frusterated. lol. The goal is to get over that habit and actually become a calm and decent golfer. However just incase the decent part doenst happen we are playing best ball so I can depend on my team to keep our average closer to par! We’ll see how that goes.. tomorrow is the first night – wish us luck!

Ok.. well hope everyone has enjoyed.. please let me know if I am destined to be a blogger or if I should just quit now!

May 3, 2006 - 2:25 pm

Jodi - I say your destined.. but DF is MY PHRASE… I can’t believe you stole that from me!!

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